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Reopening of your restaurant!

After several weeks of closure I am happy to announce you that the restaurant will finally be able to open its doors.

You cannot imagine the immense pleasure that I finally have to find you!

From Tuesday June 2, I will be able to receive you again.

Obviously I did everything to bring you
the highest health security.

Working alone I am fortunate to receive very few clients at a time.
The huge puzzle, of most restaurants that managed to survive this crisis, was therefore very simple here.

My tables are already much more spaced than the recommendations. I have created a single-use menu in order to limit exchanges between tables and I would ask you to minimize your trips to the establishment. The handshake that usually welcomes you is replaced by a handful of hydroalcoholic gel. You will find this gel available at the counter. For your credit card payments, the terminal is covered with a plastic film which is changed with each payment. The toilets are equipped with contactless flushing. After each service the restaurant is completely disinfected and finally, in order to know that you are always safe once outside the restaurant, I offer you a mask for the general public.

All these precautions being taken, we will once again be able to enjoy ourselves in this spirit of sharing and conviviality which we both miss so much and which is so dear to us.

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